Don't wash your hands,
SMIX them.

Introducing Smixin

We are experiencing times wherein hand hygiene is crucial.

Smixin stands for future-proof handwashing systems for next-generation buildings: Sustainable and hygienic. Our unique hand washing systems deliver the highest standards of sanitation with limited use of resources.
Choose Smixin: Become part of the hand hygiene revolution.

Choose Sustainable

Washing your hands with Smixin uses 90% less water and soap compared to a traditional hand washing cycle.

Choose Hygienic

Hygiene levels after washing your hands with Smixin (12-15 seconds) are better than washing your hands for 30-60 seconds as per the WHO / RKI / ECDC guideline with a normal faucet and soap dispenser – as confirmed by a independent testing institute.

Choose Flexibility

Our systems can be placed inside and outside the washroom. Plumbed-in or as free-standing handwashing station. To give your customers access to proper handwashing facilities: anytime, anywhere.

Our Solutions

For inside and outside the washroom

The COMBI is a unique 3-in-1 hand washing system designed to be used inside or outside the washroom. Water, soap and paper are dispensed in an optimal way and the system is connected to an external monitoring platform.
The COMPACT is a next-generation, ecological faucet. This 2-in-1 soap and water dispenser is an extremely economic and sustainable solution and can be connected to an external monitoring platform, designed to satisfy even the most demanding facility manager.
The COMFORT has our latest technology built in: the SmixRain – an ingenious aerator that creates a flow rate of only 0.7 liter per minute. With this faucet you save an astonishing 90% of water, and best of all: you experience an incredible pleasant feeling on your skin due to the perfect mix of water and air.

Smixin News

The Foundation

Invests in clean water projects from selected local implementing partners. By scaling best-performing interventions MADE BLUE makes as much clean water permanently available in those areas where people lack access to clean water.

Made Blue and Smixin

For every Smixin system placed, we will provide 10’000 liters of drinking water via the MadeBlue organization, guaranteeing 10 children access to fresh drinking water at school for a whole year. MadeBlue’s aim is to improve the water supply in regions where clean water is needed most.

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