Don't just wash your hands, SMIX them.

Our unique hand washing systems deliver the highest standards of sanitation with the limited use of resources. 

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About Us

Smixin stands for future-proof hand washing systems for next-generation buildings: Sustainable and Hygienic. Our unique hand washing systems deliver the highest standards of sanitation with limited use of resources.

Our Solutions

For inside and outside the washroom

The COMBI (3-in-1)

a unique 3-in-1 hand washing system designed to be used inside or outside the washroom. Water, soap, and paper are dispensed in an optimal way and the system is connected to an external monitoring platform.

The COMPACT (2-In-1)

is the next generation, ecological faucet. This 2-in-1 soap and water dispenser is an extremely economic and sustainable solution and can be connected to an external monitoring platform, designed to satisfy even the most demanding facility manager.


has our latest technology built in the SmixRain - an ingenious aerator that creates a flow rate of only 0.7 liters per minute. With this faucet, you can save an astonishing 90% of water, and most of all: you can experience an incredible feeling on your skin due to the perfect mix of water and air.



Reduce the expenses on the utility bill and save money down the road. Conventional hand washing consumes on average more than 1.3 liters or one bottle per full hand wash cycle. 

The Smixin hand washing system only uses 90% less, just half a glass or 1 deciliter for a high-quality hand wash. 

Choose Sustainable

Washing your hands with smixin uses 90% less water and soap compared to a traditional hand washing cycle.

Choose Hygienic

Hygiene levels after washing your hands with Smixin in 12 seconds kill 99.9% of germs.

Choose Flexibility

Our systems can be places inside and outside the washroom. Plumbed-in or as free-standing hand washing station. Giving your customers access to hand washing facilities: Anytime, anywhere.

Made Blue and Smixin

For every Smixin placed, we will provide 10, 000 liters of drinking water viaMadeBlue organization, guaranteeing 10 children access to fresh drinking water at school for a whole year. MadeBlue’s aim to improve the water supply in regions where clean water is needed the most. 

See what our partners have to say about Smixin Touch-Free Hand Washing Solution

“The Smixin systems that we have already installed at 20 of our restaurants upgrades our overall image.”
Restaurant CEO,
“Smixin is perfect for ensuring hand hygiene and compliance here in Australia.”
Food Service Hygiene Manager
We are literally saving over six thousand liters of water per day with Smixin.”
Sustainability Director

A Touch-Free Hand Washing Solution That Kills 99.9% Of Germs In 12 Seconds With Limited Use Of Resources

Smixin’s unique hand washing solutions deliver the highest standards of sanitation with limited use of resources. By applying IoT technology to Smixin’s systems, Smixin grants clients instant data access and enables behavior change. Improving hand hygiene is at the forefront of what Smixin does.