Our Solutions

COMBI 3-In-1

A unique touchless 3-in-1 hand washing system designed to be used inside or outside the washroom. Water, soap, paper are dispensed automatically in an optimal way. With or without display, system can be connected to Smixin Smartboard allowing a distance monitoring of the unit

Compact 2-In-1

A touchless 2-in-1 solution designed to fit with most existing sink present on the field. Water and soap are dispense automatically in an optimal way. 

Using the patented  SMU technology, Compact solution is an economic and sustainable solution that can be also monitored by distance via Smixin Smartboard

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Comfort- Saving Water Tap

Including our latest SmixRain patented technology, the Comfort is able to provide an aerated water jet with a water flow of only 0,7 liter per minute. 

With an amazingly abundant feel, the user doesn’t lose any comfort in use while realizing a massive water savings.

Core Module- Smart mixing unit

The Smart Mixing Unit (SMU) is the central module that creates a unique emulsion of water, soap and air and provides instant hand coverage. Attached to the soap pouch and usable on all Smixin systems using soap, it makes handwashing as effective as 12-15 seconds, whereas the standard handwashing cycle recommended by the WHO is 40-60 seconds*.

Saving ressources

Contribute to a better use of resources with a significant impact on operating costs and a saving of over 76% on your bills

Choose Sustainable

Washing your hands with Smixin uses 90% less water and soap compared to a traditional hand washing cycle.

Choose Hygienic

Hygiene levels after washing your hands with Smixin in 12 seconds kill 99.9% of germs.

Choose Flexibility

Our systems can be places inside and outside the washroom. Plumbed-in or as mobile hand washing station.

Made Blue and Smixin

For every Smixin placed, we provide 10, 000 litres of drinking water via MadeBlue organization, guaranteeing 10 children access to fresh drinking water at school for a whole year. MadeBlue’s aim to improve the water supply in regions where clean water is needed the most. 


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