COMBI Mobile Handwashing Station


Fully-Automatic Touchless Handwashing Station

The SMIXIN Combi Premium Mobile is revolutionizing the hand washing process with  a unique mobile hand washing system with a 3-in-1 function. Water, soap and paper are automatically dispensed after activation via a precise sensor. 

The Combi Premium Mobile is designed to be used inside or outside of the washroom as cafeterias, schools, restaurants, offices, hospitals and many other locations. 

White SMIXIN Combi unit with LED Screen and Mobile Base. Includes 4 casters.

"The Smixin Mobile Handwashing Station gives us the flexibility to position handwashing facilities where we want it and when we want it."
Stadt Bern Elementary Schools

Trusted by industry leaders:

Smixin Handwashing Systems

  • For beautiful design combined with extreme water and soap savings (over 90% per hand washing cycle)
  • Hand hygiene exactly where it is needed: outside the washroom
  • Flexible to place, easy to maintain
  • Passionate and friendly staff for all round service
  • Leasing options available
  • Made Blue Foundation partnership for donations per handwashing stations

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