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Comfort: A new generation of Saving water tap

Designed to integrate our new Smixrain technology, Comfort is a new generation of water tap that proved you and modern technology go hand in hand within the Smixin Comfort. The precise infra-red sensor ensures comfortable control of the water flow. And with its classic-modern design, the faucet fits effortless into any washroom.




The Comfort works entirely touchless. Thanks to the integrated infrared sensor, the system does not keep on running but stops flowing as soon as the hands are removed.


Due to the perfect mix of water and air, users experience a pleasant feeling on the hands and 90% less water used compared to a standard handwashing cycle  with a standard faucet.


Have a general view at distance and control your water consumption, number of cycles

Smixrain: Aerated water jet below
1 liter/min

Combining 10 years of knowledge acquired during the development of our products, SmixRain technology is an innovation that offers a whole range of actions including filtration, regulation and acceleration of the water, thus making it possible to obtain an aerated and constant water jet with an extremely low flow rate.

Filtering, regulating, accelerating, mixing with air, the water passes through various stages inside the SmixRain before emerging as a constant, aerated stream of water. This maximises user comfort while guaranteeing a significant reduction in water consumption.