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COMBI 3-in-1 Product

Smixin Combi is a unique hand washing system with a        3-in-1 function. Water, soap and paper are fully automatic dispensed after activation via a precise sensor. Due to the optimal mix of water and soap with air, your hands will feel silky-clean after washing. 

Combi is plumbed in to the fresh and waste water network.

Combi can be mounted on a countertop or on a wall    (incl. wallmounting kit)

Choose Hygiene: Total control of the hand wash cycle without any control with the system

Choose Sustainability: Save 90% of Soap, Water and Paper

Remote control: Monitor your system statistics remotely with information on your consumption and savings of water, soap and paper

Combi versions

Combi accesories

Designed to fit the Combi perfectly, the Wall mounted kit will allow you to add an additional waste bin and a wall bracket that will allow you to fix your unit to the wall and help you collect paper waste from the hand wash.

Developed for the customers who do not have access to freshwater outlet. The Mobile kit will provide a solution with a high performance water pump and housing (including water pipes & water tanks). Fill the canisters, plug the power supply and the Smixin Mobile is ready to go

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