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Learn Why Automatic Handwashing Is Better In The Long Run

At Smixin, we believe that touchfree handwashing system is the future of the hand hygiene. Modern technology is helping mankind create better environments in everyday life all around the world, that the life quality and expectancy have shot up in the last few decades.

According to Our World in Data, “No country in the world has a lower life expectancy than the countries with the highest life expectancy in 1800s. Since 1900s the global average life doubled and is now above 70 years.” You can’t help but give credit where credit is due; better healthcare, hygiene, and living conditions (together with the technologies that made them possible) have made a significant contribution to the advancement of mankind. Here are some reasons why automated handwashing stations are the logical next step in improving our environments:


Easy and Simple to use

Thorough hand washing is a painstaking procedure with lots of possibility for human error. You can get better by having a machine tell you what to do next and assess your hand washing technique. Trying again while being guided by the handwashing system can help change bad hand hygiene habits to good ones.

In the food industry, it’s crucial to develop appropriate hand hygiene practices, teach staff members the proper technique for hand washing, and persist until it becomes second nature. The infamous “autopilot” that we all occasionally engage in. When your initial habits are so good, even when you’re not paying attention, you wash your hands considerably better.

It helps employees get more involved

Accessible hand hygiene solutions are offered by automatic hand washing stations. We can all recall a time when we needed to wash our hands but there were no sinks available, or the sinks we could use didn’t have enough soap or paper towels. Handwashing machines solve this issue, making it easier for more individuals to wash their hands.

A much-needed motivation in the workplace is having to defend hand cleanliness practices when dealing with immune-compromised individuals or around sensitive products. According to studies, people wash their hands more completely when they are aware that they are being observed.

Simple required hand hygiene education don’t have the same impact on employees. According to studies, individuals who are more aware about hand hygiene tend to practice it more frequently in the short term. However, over time, this knowledge can lead to overconfidence, which causes those same employees to neglect their hand hygiene.

Hand hygiene compliance rates significantly increase when using automatic hand washing stations like the Smixin’s Combi, Comfort, and Compact that may alert employers about the wash quality.

Employees could thus profit from the regular prompts and direction provided by Smixin’s Combi, which shows the proper hand washing procedures and assigns a wash quality rating.

Ensures infection prevention

By using hand washing techniques correctly, illnesses can be prevented before they become contaminated. Surfaces infected by contaminated hands can spread the germs to other people’s hands when they come into contact with those surfaces.

Multiple actions can break any link in the infection chain (such as encouraging sick days among workers, providing disinfecting wipes in high-touch areas, and ensuring hand hygiene protocols are kept).

One of the best ways to get rid of unwelcome bacteria and germs and prevent the spread of harmful diseases is to wash your hands.


A typical person can use anywhere from 1 to 2 liters of water every hand wash. That much water is painfully excessive. Due to droughts or other environmental factors, some nations must preserve water. Developing nations also struggle to provide their population with access to clean water. Utilizing automatic hand washing equipment helps use only the necessary amount of water. Additionally, soap can be conserved, saving thousands of dollars annually that would otherwise be lost. For humanity to survive and thrive on this world, we must take care of the ecosystem in which we live. One of the things we are confident we can assist with is the development of long-term hygiene solutions.

With the greatest wash quality possible, Smixin can save up to 90% of water per wash cycle. Smixin’s technology demonstrates unequivocally that conserving resources and thoroughly washing your hands don’t conflict.

Smixin – The Future of Handwashing

Smixin’s technology is suited for any place that needs to ensure people have washed their hands thoroughly and know the quality of their wash. This includes restaurants, cruise ships, stadiums, centers, food courts, stores, schools, fastfood restaurants, and etc.  Now that the COVID-19 pandemic has spread, even regular office settings could benefit from using the Smixin’s handwashing station greatly.


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