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Restaurants are switching to using this automatic handwashing station and here’s why


Shake Shack Chengdu, China
Shake Shack Chengdu, China

Shake Shack is one of only a few hundred restaurants that use Smixin’s automatic hand washing technology.


Why a touch-free hand washing machine is better than any other traditional hand washing solution?

Thorough hand washing is a painstaking procedure with lots of possibility for error. You can get better by having a machine or a screen tell you what to do next and assess your hand washing technique. Changes in bad hand hygiene habits can be made by attempting repeatedly while being guided by the hand washing station.

It ensures thorough infection prevention

By using hand washing techniques correctly, illnesses can be prevented before they become contaminated. Surfaces infected by contaminated hands can spread the germs to other people’s hands when they come into contact with those surfaces.

Multiple actions can break any link in the infection chain (such as encouraging sick days among workers, providing disinfecting wipes in high-touch areas, and ensuring hand hygiene protocols are kept).

One of the best ways to get rid of unwelcome bacteria and germs and prevent the spread of harmful diseases is to wash your hands.

It’s sustainable

A typical person can use anywhere from 1 to 2 liters of water every hand wash. That much water is painfully excessive. Due to droughts or other environmental factors, some nations must preserve water. Developing nations also struggle to provide their population with access to clean water. Utilizing automatic hand washing equipment helps use only the necessary amount of water. Additionally, soap can be conserved, saving thousands of dollars that would otherwise be lost annually. For humanity to survive and thrive in this world, we must take care of the ecosystem in which we live. One of the things we are confident we can assist with is the development of long-term hygiene solutions.

Smixin only uses 0.7L of water per full hand wash cycle and saves up to 90% of soap and paper.


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