Smixin's Combi at a Mcdonald´s Branch in HongKong

Touch-Free Handwashing System that kills 99.9% of germs in 12 seconds

  • The most sustainable hand hygiene system by Smixin is 100% touch-free and can clean your hands in 12 seconds.
  • The future of handwashing saves 90% of soap, water, and paper.

A touchless handwashing technology that kills 99.9% of harmful diseases may be the long-term and permanent solution.

A leading Swiss-based innovation became popular in food courts, restaurants, fast food chains, schools, offices, airports, and terminals as the Corona Virus outbreak raised awareness of proper hygiene techniques.

The Smixin handwashing system, compared to the conventional ones, is automated. Instantly wash your hands with water and soap. The process takes 12 seconds and is 100% touch-free, three times faster than any other traditional handwashing system.

Smixin's COMBI popped-up at a McDonald's branch in HongKong
Smixin’s COMBI popped-up at a McDonald’s branch in HongKong

According to a 2013 survey, only 5% of people in public facilities washed their hands well enough to eradicate germs and bacteria and 95% of people fail to wash their hands. Researchers also found that only two in three people use soap, while one in 10 skips sink altogether.

One of the best methods to stop the transmission of infectious diseases, according to the Center for Disease Control, is to wash your hands. It is estimated that 50% of all outbreaks of foodborne illness are caused by dirty hands.

With the use of Smixin’s technology, washing hands only utilizes 90% less water and soap than the traditional hand washing cycle. A simple yet cost-effective way to save the environment, conserve water, and transform the quality of health at all levels.

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