Hand Hygiene Innovation: Touch-Free Handwashing by Smixin

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), maintaining good hand hygiene is the single most crucial action that anyone can take to stop the spread of viruses and lessen the burden that healthcare-associated diseases place on society (HAIs). However, since each individual washes their hands at different times, for varying lengths of time, and using diverse procedures that may leave some skin untouched, implementing and monitoring adequate hand hygiene compliance can be extremely difficult. Up to 40% of healthcare facilities throughout the world do not provide handwashing facilities at times of care, while 80% of individuals globally do not wash their hands at all after potentially contaminating behaviors like visiting the restroom.

Making the process of hand hygiene easier and more consistent is a crucial approach to increasing compliance, especially because infection control measures are still a top focus. With Smixin’s touch-free handwashing system, a technology designed to quicken and improve the hand washing process.

How does Smixin work? How does it utilize 90% less water and soap than traditional handwashing techniques while effectively cleaning a user’s hand in just 12 seconds?

Smixin’s technology is a unique handwashing system with a 3-in-1 function. Water, soap, and paper are fully automatic and dispensed via a precise sensor after activation. Due to the optimal mix of water and soap with air, your hands will feel soft and silky clean after washing.

Smixin is completely touch-free, removing the risk of cross-contamination from taps and soap dispensers, and the need for a traditional hand washing technique. When you use Smixin’s technology, you are part of the hand hygiene revolution.

What kinds of establishments or organizations have already embraced Smixin? What are the potential areas that Smixin can be used for?

Smixin is in use in restaurants, fast food chains, airports, train stations, bus stations, food courts, schools, and public use settings.

Washing your hands frequently can dry out the skin, and in severe situations, lead to cracked skin, which raises the chance of infection. In what ways does Smixin mitigate this risk?

Even the most diligent people may be discouraged from routinely practicing good hand hygiene due to dry skin and its related irritations. Smixin solves this issue with its specially formulated handwashing solution, which contains aloe vera that promotes skin health, leaving the user’s hand softer after the handwash cycle.


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