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Smixin Expands to Saudi Arabia

Smixin continues to expand globally with the AHK Group in Saudi Arabia with Abdulalrahman Alkhathlan leading the team; the AHK Group now brings effective hand hygiene to users across the Kingdom. Want to know more about Smixin, contact us at info@smixin.com

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GBBA Switzerland – Invest Western Switzerland

How Swiss scale-up Smixin battles the spread of infectious disease worldwide Biel/Bienne, Switzerland – If there is one thing that we have learned during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s that handwashing is the most effective way to prevent the spread of viruses, germs and bacteria. Swiss cleantech scale-up Smixin has developed an innovative handwashing system combining […]

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Smixin against Covid-19

Smixin protects your clients and employees against Covid-19 Biel/Bienne, Switzerland – Because handwashing is absolutely crucial in today’s world – all businesses need to think about what kind of hand hygiene facility they want to provide to their clients, customers, employees, or guests. A cost-benefit analysis (for the provider AND the user of the handwashing […]

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BV4: “Start-ups against COVID-19”

Zürich, Switzerland – Amid the corona crisis, BV4 Certified Valuation Experts have identified the future and potential innovations and technologies that will help to solve this issue. See the image for their assessment. Proud to be up there, with other AI, Robotics, and Bigdata startups and applications that could help prevent and reduce the risks […]

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Handwashing as step ONE against the spread of infectious disease.

MIT research funded by Smixin Researchers from MIT, Berkeley and the University of Cyprus demonstrate in their research that hand washing (with soap) whilst air traveling can reduce the risk of a pandemic outbreak up to 65%. Smixin takes a leading role by supporting this research project, aiming to elucidate the role of hand-hygiene on […]

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StartupTicker: “CWS and Smixin: Partnership bears fruit”

See here the full article.

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StartupTicker: “Billion Dollar Company Invests in Smixin”

See here the full article.

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CWS and Smixin form partnership for digital hand hygiene solutions

CWS and Smixin: together in DACH and BeNeLux markets Duisburg, Germany/Bienne, Switzerland – CWS and Smixin have signed an agreement for a long-term partnership in the field of innovative hand hygiene solutions. Both parties aim to bundle their strengths in developing comprehensive and sustainable solutions for the highest standards of hand hygiene. The two companies […]

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RTS: “Une start-up suisse nichée au coeur des Alpes suisses”

RTS puts Smixin in the spotlight See here the full bulletin. The voice-over is in French.

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Troger: “Smixin : l’eau, l’air, l’avenir”

Troger introduces Smixin Read here more on the article our partner Troger published on the collaboration with Smixin. The article is in French.  

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