The Benefits of the Most Sustainable Hand Hygiene System

Shopping malls, restaurants, offices, airports, train, and bus stations have improved hand sanitation with Smixin’s technology- with each 12-second wash cycle, it is clinically shown to eliminate more than 99.9% of germs from hands. Traditional handwashing processes used in restaurants or even airports offer too much possibility for human mistakes, which can have serious negative effects on the health of employees and customers.

A Modified Process for Handwashing

Between the high rate of Covid-19 cases and deaths for all countries in the EU/EEA and globally for more than two years. Recent studies show that most people only comply with hygiene compliance only 40% of the time. It is evident that there’s a need for a more efficient hand hygiene solution. Smixin’s touch-free, fully automated, and standardized hygiene system completely removes the possibility of virus transmission through hands:

  • Proven in regularly eliminating 99% of dangerous germs
  • 100% touch-free, 0.0% contact with bacteria
  • 90% less water, 60% less paper, and 60% less soap
  • Remote management and real-time monitoring
  • Soften skins with each wash

Smixin’s solution boost handwashing compliance, simplify hand hygiene, and save time. In addition, our soap is specifically formulated with skin moisturizers to improve your skin and prevent it from drying.

Smixin is more than just a manufacturer. We are your partner when it comes to improving health, hygiene, and sustainability. Our goal is to give a cost-efficient, easy, effective, sustainable, and hygienic handwashing system.

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